Looking Forward To …..

I am a firm believer in having something just ahead to look forward to. Life can become very monotonous and with nothing to look forward to the outlook becomes a little bleak. We always find it so good to get away for a break, even if it is a weekend away.

Before we shifted back out to our new country home, we planned a holiday for just over a week in sunny climes. I’ve got to say that to have that organised was a life saver. It was our first island holiday of not doing much, apart from relaxing, swimming, reading and chilling out.

The first few days we slept quite a bit as it was very busy finishing up on the farm, selling our house and buying a new one. Why we seem to have it all going on at the same time I am not sure!

So this new experience took a few days to “unwind” and to get into island rhythm. We managed to go on one adventure swimming with sting rays and sharks in the lagoon. I am very sorry to say I did not cope well with that experience. Feeling the rays’ tails whisk past my legs was way too much. So a hasty retreat out of the water to the safety of the boat for me! Needless to say Bryan was very calm and stayed in the water for ages and enjoyed touching the rays.

On one of our pool side sojourns Bryan made the comment, “Do you realise you are the only one who is wearing togs?” Interestingly enough I was! All ages and shapes were in bikinis. No one appeared to be self-conscious. I still don’t think I will go down that particular path. Maybe New Zealand women over 50 are more apt to wear a one piece bathing suit.

After a week of this relaxing lifestyle we were more than ready to come home. We were looking forward to cooler weather, eating a good dose of vegetables and drinking fresh milk and use it on our cereal. New Zealand is a wonderful place to come back home to and we appreciate even more the variety and abundance of fresh food so readily available.

So now for the next plan of something to look forward to.