Have We Any Pets?

I was asked this question at Cloverlea School this week, where I read Snooty Stanley to a stunning group of kids.

My reply was a very short “No!”

But…..when our children were growing up we had 25 rabbits in an outdoor hutch that the kids could also sit in. Anna loved the rabbits and so she started off with Wilhelmena and her sister???  Then along came little rabbits and more little rabbits!  Added to that were half a dozen guinea pigs, one goat, three Labradors, (at different times), various cats and kittens and I had an outdoor cage with beautifully singing canaries.

We also had chooks for the eggs and to teach the children how to look after pets. We failed with Callum, as one day we found him with his cousin Benj in the chook house having a great time smashing the eggs!

Pet lambs and calves for Calf Club, or Pet Day, as it is now called at Taonui School where our children had their primary education. The kids always started off with enthusiasm, feeding, grooming and practising leading, but as time went on it became harder to motivate them!

So all we have now is a neighbour’s chook who frequently hops through the fence for a spot of visiting. I have named her Hazel.

I am quite content to enjoy the wildlife around us. As we sipped morning coffee yesterday, a pheasant meandered past on the front lawn, and a wood pigeon stopped to feed on a Kowhai bush right outside our living room window. On our pond we have seven grey teal ducks that look to be thinking about nesting.

For now that is enough for us.

p.s. It was a thrill hanging out the washing in the sun today after so much rain and cold.