Step into Spring with Style…. 2016

I don’t know about you but wearing winter clothes for such a long time is getting to be same ole same ole!

I have started looking through my wardrobe to see what needs moving on or updating. Now is a good time to do our wardrobe assessment and purchase a few things while there is plenty of stock in the shops! Then we are ready for the warmer weather which will eventually come.

Wear what suits you and adapt the trends to your look. Consider your lifestyle and buy clothes for where you spend the most of your time. Usually we just get part of our wardrobe right and then we need either more basics or casual clothes.

I am a great believer in being ready for any occasion, so that if something crops up you don’t have to have a panic shop. Even for Funerals. It is good to have something a little dressier to wear, and a little colour. Black can be bleak and depressing.

To update this season bring in a bit of metallic. Often it is good to bring that sort of trend into shoes or other accessories like bags. Do not think of wearing a matching set of anything. Bags and shoes do not have to match. Mix it up and be adventurous.

Shoes have a lower heel which is better for our feet. The 3cm heel is best for comfort and recommend by the experts. Too flat and our heels can ache. Too high and our knees and hips are tilted on the wrong angle. There are stilettos with pointy toes in the shops, but wear those with caution as your feet will not thank you in the years to come.

The shirtdress is still a winner and can be worn over 7/8 pants or on its own. There are many flattering styles out there. If you are a little thicker in the waist, leave off the belt. Shape and illusion is everything!

Wide pants and 7/8s are plentiful. I enjoy wearing those with above-the-knee tops. There are still a lot of crop tops and layering, which if done well looks fantastic. Be careful though mixing up light and dark colours if you are vertically challenged. (Like me)

As I am sitting here writing this blog I can see a tui just outside my window feeding on the nectar of a blossom tree. It makes me think that warmer spring days are really just ahead.

So step out with a bit of pizazz this season, with a dash of confidence. Treat yourself to a facial and a pedicure (without guilt) knowing that looking after yourself makes it easier to give out to everyone around you.

p.s. If you have any style questions send me an email. I would be pleased to help you.