A Little Bit Of Head Space Goes A Long Way

This week I’ve gone from having six children at home to only just two as the older kids are lucky enough to have some grandparent time with Mum and Dad. So as you can imagine my usually busy household almost seems awfully quiet!

But it’s exactly what I needed…  sometimes I feel like there is too many people talking at me at once with far too much information to take in and my head is going to spin off! I find at the moment the big kids are always heading in different directions and then at the other end of the scale the two little one’s are physically tiring! So to have a little bit of head space means a lot.

But it can be difficult to find when there’s no family living close by. I remember when the four kids were younger, Mum and Dad were only ever a phone call away to help out with a school or kindy pick up. Or if they were going by, they would drop in for an hour or so or even take one or two of the kids out for a bit while I caught up on things at home… all these little things were a huge help when I was out numbered!

Now things have changed a bit and it’s not quite as easy to pop in! We still manage our visits pretty well though, they are just a bit more spaced apart and there’s a lot more organisation that goes into it. And the big kids love going down to stay with Mum and Dad on their own, it’s always an adventure! But it also means they get to have some special one on one time with their grandparents too and along the way the kids have some fantastic memories of growing up.

And when we’re reunited at the end of each break, we find we appreciate each other a lot more than when we all left. Isn’t that what holidays are all about??