Confronting Stress

When we are in a highly stressed state it is very hard to think clearly and logically work our way through it.

We all have had experience of being stressed or have done in the past, and will no doubt do so again. Our focus must be to get through well and with our health intact. It is not an option to muddle through and make decisions that might not be in our best interests.

I thought I would share a very important lesson we learned as our lives came crashing down around us.

It is vital we “surround ourselves with good people” and get the best possible advice.

Bryan and I had been involved in many personal and business development courses over the years. The relationships we had built meant we had people around us with the skills to help with some much needed advice.

One of the areas we needed help with was our farm business and our women’s clothing boutique.  There was a lot to think about. By having someone who we respected and admired for sound common sense advice meant we were able to identify the issues and prioritise what needed to be done.

The things we identified were:

We needed a farm manager so Bryan could prepare for the trial and be free to attend. (This took six months to set in place).

Close the shop so I could help with the family and not have the added stress of a busy retail business. I wasn’t coping being in the public eye.

Prepare for the trial which had become a high profile case. We had never been to court before and didn’t know the protocol that is followed. We visited the courtroom at the High Court in Wellington prior to the trial starting. It was an emotional experience even doing that. We also needed further advice to help us understand what to expect and how to respond to the media.

Look after our health, emotional and physical.

Have a holiday. It seemed impossible to do but it did allow us to clear our heads and have a break from all the emotional upheaval of what lay ahead.

So whatever you are facing, seek the best advice for your situation and be open to enough to use it.

“Anything can be taken from you except one thing – your attitude”

Victor Frankyl; paraphrased.