The Roller Coaster Begins!

We now officially have a teenager in the house!  Yep our eldest boy Finn turned 13 years old over the weekend and the roller coaster ride begins…

To be honest though, I think Finn will be just a warm up to what lies ahead. I thought four kids under five was exhausting but somehow I think four teens may be a little harder work… or is it just as tiring but in a different way??

We’ve been in that “nice phase” for a while now; the big kids are no longer busy dependent toddlers where I need at least another pair of hands or eyes at the back of my head…

They’re quite happy to walk alongside us in public; we’re still semi-cool so they’re not embarrassed to be seen out with us just yet! They want us to come and watch their sports games or activities and the invites keep coming to go on school camps. And most importantly I still get my hugs!

But we also haven’t quite hit the moody teenage years yet either when hormones will be all over the place! I remember being quite a painful teen, one minute I was fine, the next I was highly emotional at what I thought was the end of the world. I actually thought I knew everything and couldn’t understand why my parents wouldn’t let me do half the stuff I wanted to do! And I was more worried about who I was hanging out with on a day to day basis rather than doing anything important like school work. I’m sure we all get a little bit of payback…

Luckily we’re not all the same and some teens are easier than others. I’m hoping it won’t be too crazy all at once because I still have to run around after a baby and a toddler in between!!!

But I do think it’s important to keep things simple. When I’ve been in stressful situations or when things are getting on top of me, I’ve realised that the more I fight it, the harder it seems. It’s kind of like a rip in the sea. So I try to go with it a little more and embrace the chaos!

And when the kids were small, I always tried to stick to advice I read in a book from Nigel Latta, “don’t sweat the small stuff” and “pick your battles”. And after talking to others with teens I think the same rules apply.

But I know there will still be difficult times ahead and I will have to keep reminding myself that the hard stuff passes, it always does.