Changing the Negative Tapes

I’ve come to the conclusion that one of our biggest battles in life is in our mind. We hear little negative voices in our head which stops us trying new things, dreaming big dreams, breaking harmful habits and getting stuck in thinking we are not good enough to deserve something better than what we have. Those tapes play over and over till we really believe nothing good will come our way.

I read this quote recently. “Life comes with voices. Voices lead to choices. Choices have consequences.”

I have learned that you can change those tapes and the new ones can become a permanent habit of thinking.

I will share with you how I overcame my negative thought patterns to be able to look for the good straight away and expect good things to happen for me.

Positive self-talk is a must. I needed to stop the negative thoughts and replace the words with something positive so those voices become stronger. They become ingrained in our thinking. It is important to have our own positive affirmations or sayings stuck up on a place we go to often in a day. (Mine are on my bathroom mirror) Every time we see those words we must read them out loud.

I thought also of our fellow New Zealanders going through the latest earthquake and all that goes with living with the uncertainty of feeling misplaced and of futures that had seemed so sure. There can be a lot of fearful thoughts and voices going around in everyone’s head at a time like that. But it doesn’t have to remain a permanent state of mind.

Even though I haven’t experienced living through a terrifying earthquake I know what it is to be afraid of the future and what was going to happen to me and our family. I have come to realise that there is a lot in life we cannot control, but we can control our attitude to what happens to us. I was afraid of what people thought. I was afraid of our life without Scott and how it was going to affect everyone. Many times I haven’t felt up to the task. The burden has been too heavy. The negative words have raged at me “Who are you to…. You can’t….It’s impossible….You’ll fail….” But, I will not listen.

I have learned that it does get easier and the load does become lighter. I can let go of the negative. Sometimes it isn’t easy, but I choose to focus on not what I have lost but what I have been given and put my energy into that. The ones I care about are important to me, not stuff. Stuff can be replaced, people can’t. I am becoming a better ‘good-finder’!

Whatever you are going through you will be o.k. There are always good people around to care and help cheer you on when things get overwhelming.

p.s. even seeing a bit of a rainbow gives hope….