Summer Reset

Oh the summer break is a wonderful thing! The weather is warmer, the nights are longer, the sun is (usually) shining and most importantly we can get outside and breathe in the fresh air. As well as catching up with family over Christmas, we usually go on a camping holiday where we can forget about everything and anything and our only worry is about when we go to the beach!

Though this year we decided that maybe we would have a break after a bad camping experience last year (torrential rain and all seven of us with a horrible tummy bug!) but also having new baby in a tent sounded like hard work.

Christmas rolled around and we headed south for family festivities. And after a busy couple of weeks and pretty average weather Brent and I took the two littlies back to Auckland while the older four stayed on with the grandies.

But we soon realised that our holidays were nearly over and were having beach withdrawals… so we decided to take a risk and pack up the two little ones and go camping few nights in the Coromandel. We weren’t exactly sure how this was going to pan out but we knew this was the last chance we would get before getting back into school and routines.

Even though the packing and unpacking is challenging, (with just the four of us we had about the same amount of stuff as we would with eight!) its totally worth it when we get there. The weather is almost always perfect, and we actually get to chill out and enjoy it instead of the constant cleaning or running around that we do at home. We love listening to the sounds of the sea as we drift off to sleep and when we wake in the morning it’s only a short walk through the trees to a stunning beach with golden sand.

I never thought I would get into the camping as we hadn’t experienced it when I was growing up but with Brent’s family being seasoned campers the kids and I have become hooked. It’s our little break away where we get to recharge and enjoy each other without all the other pressures of life.

What’s your summer reset?