Hanging Out With The Crew

The other day I decided to take all six kids to a big new park right by the beach in Takapuna. Something that very rarely happens now as everyone always seems to be going in different directions! I also find with such different ages, it’s getting harder to amuse all the kids in the same spot. Usually if I mention the word “park” there’s very little interest from anyone other than Wade and Ruby! But with cabin fever setting in it was time to leave the house.

As I was loading Ari on to the front pack, the other five kids jumped out of the car one by one. Finn held hands with Ruby and I watched them as they all crossed the road together. A few people asked me if they were all mine as we looked like such a large crew! And when we got to the park, without even being asked, the kids ran off with Ruby in tow, taking turns looking after her and helping her on things that were obviously way too advanced for her to do, of course she was in her element!

It was then that I realised I could sit back and enjoy the kids instead of rushing around trying to keep an eye on little ones. Having four big kids to help out can make such a difference with having little ones in the house again.

It’s so easy to get caught up in daily chaos, especially with our busy household but every now and then I get a moment to actually appreciate just how wonderful my kids are and this was one of them. But when I do get a chance to slow down, I am reminded just how special my kids are and how far they’ve come.

Because we have been through so much, I’m sure they have a depth about them that others are drawn to. They all have such kind, caring hearts which they each show in different ways. They have so much patience for children, especially Ruby and Ari and I can see just how much they love them when I look at them together.

It’s not always sunshine and roses though; they still scrap and annoy each other or me sometimes! But there are precious moments when I am so proud of who my kids are.