Finding What Makes You Shine

I have days or weeks where I feel like I’m stuck on repeat, doing the same old, same old… and to be honest, it can get pretty tedious at times. As a stay at home mum to six kids, my life is all about routine and I often I feel like I go to bed just to do it all again tomorrow!

We all go through phases of feeling great and getting so much done but then there other times we struggle to achieve anything at all and it can be so frustrating. And I think there are a lot of us that feel this way and find it hard to stay motivated.

Even though I rush around like a maniac sometimes, I try to remember to find moments in my day to do what I love and what makes me feel good and it changes the day’s vibe. For me, I love my music; I get lost in the moment and it gives me energy. It actually makes my day more fun when there’s music in it! Sometimes it’s just a sing-a-long in the car (mostly because I always seem to be driving!) but when I’m at home, I put on my favourite song and dance. The kids think I’m slightly crazy… which I probably am, but it makes me feel happy and I can’t help but smile.

We all have different things that make us tick and what works for one person may not work for another. Brent loves to run, for him his exercise gives him the head space he needs and is a good stress release. Finn loves to read, Jack loves to write, Wade potters with his Lego and Lucy loves to dance, so they often take themselves off to do their own thing. It’s almost like setting a recharge button!

It’s so important to find your thing that makes you happy. Sometimes we get stuck in the mundane and forget about ourselves and what makes us shine. I find if I go too long without music then I start to feel really flat but then when I throw on my favourite playlist I forget about all the silly stuff around me and realise it isn’t that bad! But most of all, I enjoy my day so much more and makes life a little less ordinary!

What makes you shine?