Be Careful What You Say

Miss Ruby is nearly three (going on thirteen) and my little parrot. She is always following me around the house chatting away about anything and everything. She knows far too much for her age but I swear it’s because she has four older siblings!

But I’ve noticed lately Ruby has become quite a good mimic and when I talk to the big kids she is right behind me, hands on hips repeating what I say. I’ve always been quite careful with what comes out of my mouth as I know there are little ears always flapping but obviously I have not been careful enough as she’s come out with a few crackers!

The other day I had to venture into the supermarket with Ari and Ruby, which I try not to do too often but is if it is absolutely necessary, I will go when neither of them are hungry or tired, otherwise it always turns into an expensive disaster. Unfortunately I was not organised… but I only needed a few things, so how bad could it be??

Well, it was bad. Ruby was not in the mood and started playing up in the trolley pretty much straight away, so much so that she started screeching and arching her back because she wanted to get out! So just to shut her up and avoid the glares from other customers I gave in. She then decided it would be hilarious to run as fast as she could down the aisles. It was not funny for mummy at all and I was losing patience quickly!

So instead of chasing after her, I waited for her to come tearing around the corner and snatched her up. I said very quietly but sternly “that’s it, stop it; you are really pissing me off now”. I know, I know, I realise this was NOT the right thing to say at all but in the heat of the moment when I was under pressure I said it. But then all of a sudden Ruby came out with “No mummy, you not pissy, you buy me chocolate”. I couldn’t help but laugh.

So I am reminded when little people come out with things I have said to try and think about what I am saying before I say it!