Do Supermum’s Wear Capes?

Is there actually such a thing as a “Super Mum”??!!

Sometimes I wonder if there is too much pressure to be the best at everything. To be the world’s greatest mum but then still look like I’ve had no children at all. To work full time but still manage to have the household completely under control. For all my children to play numerous sports and somehow still manage to be in different places at different times to see every single one of their games! AND of course have the “perfect” relationship with my partner and with my kids but still find time for everyone else in my life, including time out for myself… you get the gist, and it’s all a myth!

Whether it’s just scrolling through social media or watching another family at the park, it’s so easy to get caught up and ASSUME everyone else has it under control but you! But the reality is, life can be really hard work and we all struggle at times. Throw in a couple of kids or more and it can be pretty crazy.

So instead of wasting time comparing myself to others and wondering why I haven’t got everything sorted, I’ve been focusing on our family more and reminding myself that what I do actually do, is really pretty good.

I’ve started by being a little kinder to myself, something I think we all need to do a bit more of. Instead of being my own worst critic and getting caught up with what I “should” be doing, I’m slowly changing my attitude and celebrating what I DO achieve, even if it’s just making it through the day with a smile on our faces and food in our tummies!

I’ve always worried about everyone else and left myself till last, (as many of us do!) but I’ve realised I really need to take care of myself and do what makes ME happy. And my family will be better for it. I actually booked in a facial today which I haven’t done for about 10 years… seriously!!!  I’m also finding that reading inspirational stories can be a huge motivator. And even though I’m tired at the end of the day, I still make time to jump into bed and read a few pages before I go to sleep.

It also helps that my littlest people are not so little anymore and I’m getting more sleep than I was… which is the best kind of medicine!