Meeting Veneta

On a recent trip overseas, one of our stops was in Oxford, U.K. What an enlightening place to visit! There was so much to learn. The academic side of Oxford was quite mind blowing and so interesting, but there was an unexpected part that I enjoyed too. It was a find at No 31 Little Clarendon Street in the heart of Oxford’s fashionable quarter!

We just so happened across a woman’s boutique called Olivia May. What a wonderful experience I had there. Bryan left me to it for a couple of hours to have a good look. The window display first took my eye and then a walk through the door revealed a treasure trove of clothes from international designers!  It was an eclectic mix of fabric and cuts.

From the warm and friendly greeting by Veneta, the shop manager/stylist, I knew it was going to be an experience to remember.

In my early conversation with her I said that I liked wearing funky clothes. She replied rather beautifully, “I think instead ‘quirky’ would best describe your look!“. And so began some trying on of different styles that I wouldn’t have necessarily put together.

Veneta’s advice to me was “You must look outside the box, don’t get stuck in your thinking. European style is different. It is about wearing asymmetrical lines together.” We both did have fun as I was willing to try something new and Veneta was pushing my boundaries! I felt she really cared about helping me too, which added to the experience.

I had forgotten to a large extent my interest in fashion and style, as it hasn’t felt a very important part of my life these last few challenging years. But I am beginning to see that we are all made up of many facets of our personalities. It is important to stimulate and develop our interests. To also be confident enough not to conform to other’s opinions of what we should be doing. Our lives cannot become just about getting through and surviving. It isn’t enough. We need things that push our buttons and spark life into us as well.

So keep an eye out for what is coming from me… (A workshop in August!)

Thank you Veneta.

Jo x