Style and You

After being exposed to European fashion it does make one feel a little more adventurous! To see thousands of people pounding the streets wearing all sorts of different styles and lines was inspiring. I want to pass on a few tips of trends and hope it will help you in your quest to continue to keep evolving your style.

The Italians love to wear lots of short leather jackets and jewelry. The French designers used a lot of asymmetrical cuts and interesting fabrics. And oh, the scarves, shoes and glasses! Interestingly, French women don’t seem to dye their hair, they “go with their grey.” There was a lot of very short sharp haircuts of grey/white in particular, with those women dressed in unconventional styles. It’s good to remember if we dye our hair too dark, we look older and to keep the right shade of blonde is very hard. It often goes gold. If you are going grey in patches try highlights, some blonde, some your own grey and some your darker hair colour. I did that while I was in the transition stage!

White sneakers were everywhere, Addidas and Nike being particularly strong brands. These are great for ‘casualing-down’ an outfit. Yes, we need more than one pair of shoes. They completely change our outfits. Jean jackets were making a big comeback and are a relatively cheap item. The colours of olive green, blush pink and metallics were in abundance. Definitely looser and longer styles were coming through and looked great with wide 7/8’s pants.

In general New Zealand women tend to choose the safe option in their dress, which is a fairly minimalist approach. If we are not careful we can look like we are in a uniform. Too many women dress too much alike. There’s not a lot of individuality in that. It is time to be a little more adventurous and loosen up a bit. If we worry what others think of us and our style then our self-confidence is lacking.

Our clothing is the package that reflects our personality.  For example, are you creative? What we say, how we live and dress should all be the same message. It may take a bit of time and planning, but it is well worth the effort as when we come to shop it is so much easier. Flicking through fashion magazines or websites to see what look appeals is a good place to start. It is important to see how the garments are put together. What are the accessories like? Shoes? Makeup? Hair?  We can then “finish our look.”

For true great style we must “know thy body shape”, be comfortable in our skin and work with our assets. Choose three things you like about yourself below your neck….. (If you need help ask a friend).  We must not focus on negative traits, which is easy to do. Instead ty to camouflage those areas and create an illusion of balance. Keep up with trends with makeup and update every few months. There are always new products on the market. (Bobbi Brown has a great new concealer to help you look less tired!). In Paris it was about the lips with the younger women! Enjoy this new adventure you are on.

(this pic is of an old lady walking through a little french village, I thought she had character)

p.s. for style inspiration read…The Satorialist, by Scott Schuman, he writes a blog also and takes photos of people on the streets who appeal style wise. Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, about stylish older women who dress right out there, and Going Grey by Anne Kreamer.