What Is Up The Stairs?

I saw this picture  which took my fancy, on a wall in the Fortnum and Mason’s store in Piccadilly , London on a recent trip to the U.K.  It made me want to climb the stairs to see what was at the top, which I imagine was the intention.

My Uncle Ian, (now deceased) who had lived in London for many years, introduced Bryan and I for our first experience of Fortnum and Mason’s. The window displays alone took our breath away. He was most adamant we must have a traditional English morning tea and scones. One had to wait to be seated, of course, and there was a definite protocol to follow. Ian was always immaculately dressed and enjoyed dressing for the occasion. It was a shame we were only in outdoor walking clothes!

It is such a good idea to have all sorts of experiences of places we may not normally go, as we might just come across some lovely things to awaken our senses. We never know what we will discover!