Calling all Teachers, Support Staff and Educators (and Parents)

I need your help please with a Kindness Project!

I am writing a story for kids about kindness and would love to use pictures that kids have done as part of this project. So I need as many children at primary school to please draw a picture of what kindness means to them. Then I will choose the ones that fit in best with the story.

Here are some questions to ask about kindness to get them started with ideas:

What does kindness   LOOK like?

FEEL like?

SMELL like?

TASTE like?


SOUND like?

Or it could be about what the COLOURS of kindness might be?

This project is about children using their senses and then choosing the best way to draw and then maybe describe their picture, although it is not essential that they do. It is so important so teach empathy and kindness in children and this project will be an inspiration for everyone to see through fresh eyes what kindness is.

Please email them to me by the 15th December.

I am very excited about this project because it will be a positive message woven into a story to re-enforce what kids can do for each other and the difference being kind makes to us all. We are only limited by our imaginations and I find kids are refreshingly uninhibited with theirs!

Many thanks in advance for your help to spread the kindness message.

jo x