“Every Child Needs a Lighthouse”

John Parsons, who is a cyber safety expert, uses this term. When I heard about this recently it really captured my imagination.

What is a lighthouse? According to the concise Oxford English Dictionary, “A tower or other structure containing a beacon of light to warn ships at sea.”

How does this then translate to being a Human Lighthouse?” To me, it means to be a person who shines like a beacon, who care’s, who listen’s, and who is kind and helpful. It is someone who is not afraid to take some action on behalf of a child or young person who is sad or in distress.

Kids can find these shining beacons when they see caring and loving shining out of a kind face. They instinctively know. It is so important that there are people who care deeply. It sure has made me want to shine brighter. I will be passing this concept on to children I see in schools – to look hard for their “lighthouse” and not to give up until they find one.

I have met so many children who are in dire need of a “lighthouse”. It can be a teacher or support staff at school, a grandparent, aunt or uncle. Someone who will take up their case.

In my new children’s book, “Stanley Meets Bob Cat the Bully”, Stanley and his friends find their lighthouse in Aunty Violet, who helps them find a way to stop Bob Cat bullying them.

Sometimes adults need a lighthouse too when things get overwhelmingly difficult and going it alone isn’t enough. On our own we sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees and we need a lighthouse to help us find our way back to safer harbours. It does make a difference!