A Calm New Zealand White Christmas!

Yes, we have what is looking like a white Christmas at our place. It is in the form of kapok drifting very prettily down from our poplar trees! We can’t open windows at the moment as the kapok drifts inside. One of the hazards of having poplar trees in a large garden.

We have Wade, one of our grandsons, staying for the weekend for a bit of time with us on his own before Christmas. It is such a neat thing to do as he can talk until his heart’s content. He has a captive audience in us.

We are doing ordinary things like putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. Wade and I also helped to decorate St Andrews Church in Colyton, ready for Christmas. This morning we visited one of our grandchildren’s favourite places, Feilding Paper Plus and Bookmark Cafe with Great Grandma. We seem to always come out with a book of choice! Boss and Wade are now out getting rid of garden rubbish and will look for a suitable tree in the garden to begin a new building project – a tree house. Boys definitely need a project.

To me, finding pleasure in these simple activities is what makes Christmas time a fond memory in a child’s life. As we sat outside under the umbrella, eating our bread rolls for lunch, ‘Boss’ commented on how we hear lots of different birds in our garden. One we hear often in the springtime but we had never seen was a shining cuckoo. With that a shining cuckoo hit one of our windows! So we were able to see and feel and wonder at the colours of a very stunned bird. (It has since recovered.)

There is so much stress and pressure on everyone at this time of the year and so my aim is to remain calm and see treasures in every day. As I made our Christmas cake yesterday our wood pigeon, who calls in most days, came and settled on a branch just outside my kitchen window to observe the whole process. I took that to mean a good omen. We have this plaque on our wall, which I often need reminding of when life gets a bit hectic.

“PEACE. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

As our home will soon start to fill up with family, a lot of meal ideas are swimming around in my head (with some written down). There’s much to do, but I stop to breathe deeply and marvel how blessed are we. I look for the good every day and have also found that calm is a state of mind that we choose.

May your homes also be filled with peace and love and joy.

x j