Finding Joy in the Ordinary

After a busy, slightly chaotic family Christmas, Bryan and I feel truly blessed. As well as the bigger kids there were seven little ones under 3½. I had grand ideas about a lovely speech, saying grace before Christmas dinner, and a sit-down chatting time, but this year before we knew it the little ones were eating and it was all go! So much for that.

Thankfully the meal ideas came together. I couldn’t remember which cook books I needed for some of the recipes so had to add lib a bit, and even though the pavlova looked a bit on the wild side, it tasted yum!

Our Auckland contingent arrived just before Christmas with our tank water supply very low from lack of rain. Our new shrubs and trees in the garden were in dire need of watering, so two truckloads of water later, and with instructions to all on not wasting water with long showers and taps running while we clean our teeth, we were good to go! (As I sit in my office today on the 3rd of Jan the heavens have finally opened. What a wonderful sound of rain on the roof!)

Our family who live locally popped in and out most days and it did make my heart feel full with gratitude for what we have. I never really expected to be able to take such pleasure in life again. Rather, I had hoped to, but couldn’t quite imagine it. To find joy in simple things is refreshing after living through such a lot of drama.

I enjoy seeing everyone relate together too. You can see in the picture, with careful spotting, Callum trying to catch an eel. Everyone gathering down by the pond to see the action. Alas, probably with the noise and not being quick enough, the eel got away.

We had “T-ball” set up with different size bats at the ready so the little ones could have a go too. Croquet is always a favourite, and to have plenty of room to play at our place is fantastic. The kids can run like the wind.

As we head into a new year, I, along with many of you, start thinking about what we want from the year ahead. I don’t tend to make New Year resolutions, but rather decide what is important to me, and pour my energy into that. One of those things is to make sure others, including our family, feel better and more positive about their lives after spending time with me. We all have challenges but it is our attitude to how we approach them that matters most.