Developing a Healthy Thought Life (pt 1)

There are so many thoughts and words going around our heads all the time so it is imperative for them to be positive and healthy.

We are what we think about, read, watch and listen to. We become the person we feed. It is good to take stock to make sure we don’t have negative, anxious thoughts which can often spiral into depression. It is very important to talk about what we are thinking to others who care about our best interests. To talk about the important stuff. Those close to us are not mind readers!

I have developed some habits which help me to keep in a healthy frame of mind. I contemplate on a Christian-based reading each morning before starting the day. An alternative is a page in a positive book such as “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson.

I like to spend some time walking at 6:30am before it gets too hot. To me it is the nicest time of the day. I breathe in the smells around me, and listen to the sounds typical of country life. I think about how lovely everything looks and observe the shape of the trees and the hills in the distance. This is time alone, and to be thankful for what I do have. We cannot hold negative and positive thoughts in our heads at the same time.

The choice of books we read is so important. I love a good mystery (without the blood and guts and a lot of swearing) as well as biographies. It is important to mix it up a bit so we have variety. I find television has a lot of rubbish on it, so I tend to watch a series if possible. Bryan and I both enjoyed the BBC series “Shetland” and the scenery with it. (Netflix)

If you are struggling with the death of someone close to you watch one of the Narnia chronicles, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. It clearly shows the struggles of the power of our thoughts, and the question of life and death. Also the movie “Shadowlands”, based on the true story of C.S. Lewis, who struggled greatly with the grief of losing his wife.

The words in the music we listen to is very important. Some of the music can be very negative and depressing. I enjoy a variety of music. Interestingly, when I was struggling the most, the “Classical Heartbreakers” album was the most uplifting. (Various artists, 2005) The theme of “Schindler’s List” is very haunting.

Whatever we choose to focus on determines the type of person we become. It is in the way we think and talk about ourselves, others around us and our views about life. Our biggest battlefield is our mind and so we need to be diligent in feeding it with good, positive, life-giving things. I know if I didn’t make that conscience decision to feed my mind with good, I would be lost.