Developing a Healthy Thought Life (pt 2)

If we don’t harness our thoughts we can run the risk of negativity taking over. Our mind can be become like a tangle of weeds if not nipped in the bud. Like in the picture, I find little shoots of barberry, coprosma and ivy. All a menace if they are not pulled at that small size or eventually we will have a jungle of weeds that will choke the good trees in the garden.

Our minds are fertile places and if left unattended the “what ifs,” the “why me” and the “I can’t do it” take root. It is easy to become stuck in this way of thinking and believe a negative view of ourselves and others, rather than the possibilities of what can be.

I have found by developing the habit of positive affirmations and very importantly saying them out loud, has now become a part of the way I think. (Most times) I try to be open to see things in front of me from another perspective. I am not saying I don’t struggle!  Words that we think, say, and speak make the difference to how we live our lives and what ultimately moves toward to us. No one likes to be around a negative person who only sees the gloomy side of life.

I have also found with many people that I meet, both young and old, if left to their own thoughts and they do not share them with someone, their feeling of self-worth is badly compromised. Words go around in their heads in a vicious cycle of low self-worth. Getting negative thoughts or rubbish out of our heads by writing it all down is good way to empty our filled up minds. We can start afresh at the start of a new day.

I am a firm believer in constantly reaffirming our love and support to those close to us and that they do indeed matter to us. Taking the time to really listen and talk about important stuff can make the difference to someone making it through.

Young people are particularly vulnerable with their thoughts and they tend to worry a lot. Check in often with what they are watching and listening to. We need to help them to develop the habits of healthy thinking, to build resilience when they are faced with the big issues and choices. I have found kids are often ready to talk either after school or late at night, when we are tired!