See Beyond What Is In Front Of Us

Last week Bryan and I went away for a few days break to the Nelson area. What I found in this creative region of artists and potters, is that it stimulates new ideas.

So often we are doing the ‘same ole, same ole’, and therefore keep looking at things the same way we always have. I had got a little stuck in my outlook, so to leave the 5 km radius for a different experience was refreshing. Seeing so many different kinds of art is so inspiring and awakens our senses to more of what is going on around us. New Zealand has so much to offer with our very creative people.

A particularly inspiring place was the Suter Art Gallery in Nelson. It is world class. There is a breathtaking and moving exhibition by artist Sally Burton called “Pale History”. It is an amazing installation representing the 1843 Wairau Incident between surveyors and Maori with a tragic outcome. To try and describe it would not do justice to the story or the life size figures made out of driftwood. A must see for all of us.

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Also at the gallery is a wonderful, buzzy cafe with ceiling to floor glass windows to look through into the Nelson gardens. It gave the impression the garden was coming in. (Fab date and cinnamon scones too.)

The more I saw of colour and form, the more I started to see my life from a different perspective. Possibilities of changing some things and using my creativity in a different way. There are so many mediums!

I also came across the latest ‘Flow’ magazine, which is a particularly good one.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things,” was on the front cover. How apt!

I have been challenged while reading the magazine to look beyond what is right in front of my eyes and being far more aware of nature and what is going on all around me. Too often we take a quick photo snap with our phone of something in front of us and move on to the next thing. The challenge is not to rush and take more in on a deeper level. It is good for our souls.

So I will take a little sketch book and pencils in my bag and start to draw what I see. A few new ideas are starting to come together too. The important thing is to have our hearts and minds open.

p.s. I just bought a ukulele to learn to play………. To sing along with the kids!