The Importance of Good People Around Us

Sometimes we take life for granted. We fly faster than angels and expect life as we know it to always continue.

Last week I had to have fairly major surgery. (Fixing issues from too many big babies…) And so I have to stop for six weeks. The last time I had anything major was when I had our babies! So I have to slow down to rest and recuperate – not such an easy task. I like to go here and there if I choose, and drive wherever I want to go. It has given me new appreciation of what others go through when facing a major illness and those who may not ever recover.

Suddenly our independence goes and we need to rely on those around us. The things we love to do are either on hold for a bit or maybe we cannot even go back to them. It certainly has given me pause to think!

Bryan has taken on a new role of PCG (primary care-giver) in the kitchen and home which has always been my domain. I must say, so far he has exceeded my expectations – apart from the bed making! I’m trying not to be too fussy. In the big scheme of things it’s not very important, after all.  He makes a cup of tea with leaves, better than me, and I have been doing it for 42 years!

It is so much easier doing something for someone else, rather than being on the receiving end and letting others “do stuff” for us. But it is a very good lesson to learn none the less. We have a richer and fuller life for all the positive, encouraging people who cheer us on. How we do need them!

I had this marvellous text from a friend yesterday:

“Things you can do:

Read inspiring books

Draw beautiful things

Plan adventures

Think of things for Bryan to do and watch him do it

Rearrange a room or your wardrobe in your head.

There, that will keep you busy for at least the morning!”

I had a smile when I read that and it reminded me to look every day at what we can do, not what we can’t do.

Independence is not the way to have meaningful relationships, nor needy co-dependence, but the healthy option is inter-dependent relationships. We all need good people around us.

photo of statue in Brugge