Kumara Salad

I have a bit of a thing about kumara. I like to use kumara in a salad and then change the ingredients around a bit so it gives a bit of variety.

In a large salad bowl combine:

A handful of baby spinach (I use whatever I have at the time. This recipe is mesculin salad)

2 medium beetroots, grated or cooked and sliced

2 – 3 purple or orange kumara, peeled and sliced. In a bowl coat kumara with extra virgin oil, salt and pepper. Place on baking paper on an oven tray and roast in oven for 30 – 40 mins

Bake a small handful of walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Remove from oven and coat with 1 tbsp maple syrup and ½ tsp mixed spice.

Half an avocado is nice to use, if in season. I used chorizo in this salad and cherry tomatoes.

Sprinkle with feta cheese.

Drizzle with orange and lemon vinaigrette. (I get mine from the Waireka Honey Centre on State Highway 1 between Sanson and Foxton on the way to Wellington!)

This was served with sliced chicken breast, a very easy dinner!

Change around the recipe to rocket, feta and bacon and sunflower seeds and dried cranberries

Also just have warm kumara which has been prepared the same way but cumin is added, which gives it a nice flavour.

I also use fresh herbs if I don’t have chorizo. There’s always spring onions or red onion that can be added and slices of orange are always great with kumara

p.s. if you have any favourite tasty food ideas I’d love to hear from you!