Wellbeing Tips

I came across these very helpful tips recently. They were written by a High School counsellor, Jane Dicki.

  1. Relationships – are truly the most important thing in our lives

2)  We all have an emotional bank account and we all need lots of positivity to keep it healthy

3)  Create memories. Experiences and time are the most valuable things we can give our children

These are great reminders of what is important for all of us not matter what age group  we are.  Somehow we still manage to get into such a complicated tangle of “should’s.”  The pressure is on to achieve, to be the best, and highly motivated.

I have started a new memory for the littlest people in our family, (with the help of bigger kids) which is a fairy house hidden in the garden. We will of course add to it.The wonder on the children’s faces is just delightful. In an age where we seem to be in a hurry, this felt like a good activity to do!

(Thanks to my sister Ade for the inspiration! She is a very creative early childhood educator)