Updating Your Style (Autumn 2018)

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to go through your wardrobe and decide what you need to build on your favourite pieces for a refresh. Our wardrobes should mix and match and be easy to dress up and down! Set aside an afternoon or evening for this wardrobe edit!

I have been to Sydney recently, which was a good opportunity to check out trends and how everything in the shops was styled. Last year I had seen high-waisted wide leg pants in Europe and the UK, so it was interesting to see so many of them in the shops in Sydney and being worn in the streets. The leg lengths varied from 7/8 to full length. The drop crutch pants are still a big look. I have a couple of pairs. They are so easy to wear and are very flattering. It is about cut and fabric, so spend a bit more on a good pair of pants. They will fit better and last longer.

There are a lot more block colours about in strong hues. Also some bright patterns. I find it is best not to use too many of those as it is harder to style your wardrobe. I still like the neutrals and paring with a dash of colour!

Checks are beginning to come through for winter and next season. Of course scarves are a must-have to finish off your look.

Jewelry is trending towards taking inspiration from Mother Nature – less pretentious and I think in sync with so many of us wanting a more simple lifestyle and spending more time out in nature. My new fav is www.olelynggaard.com from Denmark. I found this brand in Jens Hansen Jewelers (the ring maker) in Nelson.

I tend to follow the brands I like rather than going around all the shops aimlessly and looking through everything. An important thing to consider is to finish your look from top to toe for that ‘wow’ factor. Yes, it can be done no matter what your body shape. A lot has to do with that little thing called attitude to one’s self! How we put everything together is what gives us our own personal style. Be a bit adventurous.

Try everything on in your wardrobe and see firstly if it fits?  Ask yourself whether or not you love it?  Can it be worn differently for a trendier look? Decide also what exactly your style is.

I imagine there will be a lot of clothes that you don’t wear, so take those out and put them somewhere else like another cupboard before you decide what to do with them. Don’t make the mistake of keeping two sizes, fat and thin clothes, which is a comment I hear often. Keep the best size for you now and move on the rest to be enjoyed by someone else. (recycling) We need to take things out of our wardrobe before adding new ones!

I had thought this post would be covered in one page but there is more to pass on!  This has become part one. Remember you should really enjoy wearing your clothes and feel good in them. They reflect you as a woman.