In Your Wardrobe (Autumn 2018)

Now that you have set aside time for the big try-on, it is important to be able to mix and match, and dress up and down your wardrobe pieces. Consider your lifestyle and where you wear most of your clothes. Is it at work? Or a casual lifestyle? Spend your $$ on where you spend the most of your time.

You will probably be reaching for the same favourite few things each time you get dressed, so it is important when you go shopping to look for pieces to add to these. I like to browse a few magazines to see how outfits are styled. Fashion Q, Mindfood, Style and Simply You are good reads for this season.

Check out the shoe and boot shapes and the type of hosiery they are worn with. Also look at the style of sneakers coming in too as they are a great way to casual down your outfit. Often our knitwear needs updating and that is where dashes of colour like red or yellow can come in.

Another thing to keep in mind is trends in shapes of handbags. The colour does not have to match our shoes! Our personal style is far more interesting with an eclectic mix we put together. A black bag is a little on the boring side…..Accessories and shoes do change the look of your outfit.

A good quality pure wool coat is important to have, as it should last for a few years. Think ‘cost per wear’. I have made the mistake in the past of buying an unlined 60 percent wool coat, to find I’m a bit cold! This year I have a new lined, teal colour coat which will give a lift to any black I have on.

Wear what suits you, not necessarily what’s ”in.” Know thy body shape of course, and remember our shape does change, and our age group too! So, age-appropriate dressing is important. There is no use trying to hang on to our youth as if our life depended on it. If we still have the same look as fifteen to twenty years ago, we are not evolving our style. Remain a little unpredictable.

Clothes should skim our bodies, not cling. There are so many different asymmetrical styles now and they create a great illusion. Tight does not mean we look slimmer.

When you have purchased some new additions, don’t forget to drop out some of your clothes you haven’t been wearing for the last two years. I have to confess I do struggle with that!

It is a good idea to update your makeup regularly with a beauty therapist or a well-respected makeup brand like Bobbi Brown. Also, update glasses and haircut. By staying current you will look like a woman who confidently knows where she is going in life!

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