The Best Description of Love

“Real love is always a coming home, it is not a place we deserve or earn, it is coming to a place where you sense others will love you without necessarily being impressed with you. Thus, real love

is always experienced as a security, a safe place, home, safe harbour which we sail into. It is a place of rest. For this reason, it is experienced as a place from which you don’t want to, or need to go home.”

“Our true rest lies namely at a place where we don’t want have to impress or perform, or earn or win, where we feel safe and secure and we are at home.”

Father Ron Rolheiser, OMI, Roman Catholic Priest.

When I read this, I so want everyone who I know or meet to feel like they have sailed into a safe harbour. When our children and their families visit and walk through our front door, I want them to feel so much love and acceptance that will have lasting imprints on their hearts of their value.

I have felt that love from others who have empathy. Yesterday I looked in an old fashioned travelling trunk we have at our front door. It is filled with sympathy cards from people that we know and others we have never met. There is a whole lot of love in that trunk. I could feel it when I opened the lid. It had been a while since I looked in it. Sometimes we need reminding of the love of others and how they have touched our lives so we in turn can pass it on.