Kids and Reading

Get kids to love books. When they read for pleasure it leads to academic success.

One of my “goals” is to help our grandchildren to enjoy reading. (In fact all kids I so happen to meet).  My maternal grandmother, “Granny”, read to us as we were growing up. When we stayed with her the classics like “Winnie the Pooh” and “Alice in Wonderland” become magical worlds to get lost in. That sparked an interest in me that has spanned my lifetime, an enduring love affair of reading and a thirst for learning. What a wonderful gift to be given!

I spend a lot of time in bookshops scanning the shelves for new books which I think will interest the kids. Our grandsons started with the “Treehouse” series, then other tastes have developed after that. Lucy has enjoyed real life stories, a favourite being “Auggie and Me.” I have to mention “Anne of Green Gables” which I think should be a rite of passage for every young girl growing up. The TV series is fabulous too.

For our new batch of little people we are reading books like “The Tiger Who Came for Tea”, “Splat the Cat” and “Olivia”.  Then we move on up to bigger books with more words. These books seem to be read over and over!

Teachers always say they recognize the children who are being read to. Their vocabulary is more extensive and is reflected in their speech. They learn to use their imaginations and write stories creatively. Unfortunately many children do not have reading stories as an important part of their day.

I must say our two boys Scott and Callum weren’t great readers. A bit of a failing there on our part! Now as grandparents, with more time, Bryan and I can inspire reading in the next generation.

If kids can’t sleep, rather than grizzle and toss and turn, they can grab a book and read till they are sleepy. It doesn’t take long for the eyelids to droop.

The whole of our lives is about interpreting what we read, whether in our studies, or our chosen careers. The level of our comprehension and understanding of what we read is vital to how successful we are.