Drawing a Blank

In these last few weeks my mind has been a complete blank. I have been devoid of any sort of creative ideas!

I put it down to being a busy time. It all started when Bryan’s mother (Nan) was turning 90. What started out as a simple celebratory occasion grew into a gathering of the clans! Nan is from a large family and Bryan is one of six so we were soon organizing a party for 100 people.

Then came the decision of the best time for everyone to be able to come. The start of the school holidays of course! We love to have the grandchildren to stay through the holidays too, so it was a wonderful time for them to get to know many of their relations.

It felt rather like a school camp where meals became simple and there were large quantities to fill up the hungry hordes. A bit of “déjà vu”.

There was not a lot of time to think, but thankfully the water tanks were full and there was room to spread out. Winter time is not as good underfoot for outside activities but every now and then getting some fresh air was essential. Ten pin bowling was great too!

I do find being part of such a large family daunting at times. I have only four first cousins whereas Bryan is one of 44. Remembering who’s who and where they are connected is challenging for me even after 43 years. Mind you the family has grown with many marriages and births over those years.

Nan loved her family get together, even though now she doesn’t remember some of it. Far better for people say nice things to her while she’s living rather than at her funeral.

Now I am a few days out of having lots of kids staying on and off I realise my mind has cleared somewhat. The creative juices are starting to flow again. So, dear reader, I have learned that peace and calm and time out is just the right recipe for creative thoughts and ideas.

p.s. I did manage to notice and wonder at the beauty of it the early evening sky as we whizzed along the road.