Listen To Your Body

As I headed out the drive in my Mini the other day I noticed a slight variation in the sound it usually makes. So being a responsible and diligent motorist I thought I had better pop into the garage and get it checked. It turned out to be a good call, as if it was left it would have been way more of a problem to fix!

This made me think of the way we treat or listen to our body. If we are in tune to its rhythm we get to know when something is out of sync. Having a checkup at the doctor early when something doesn’t feel quite right can ultimately save us a lot of trouble in the long run.

I am a great believer in the theory that our emotional health and our stress levels affect our body and the way it functions. Usually, when things go wrong physically our body is trying to tell us something – like….”Stop!” We can’t keep running on empty. We must be kind to ourselves. We must do what calms us. To breathe deeply, meditate and be still. I have learned this over time. It isn’t any easy task when we always have a tight schedule in front of us. But if we don’t enjoy good health in our lives then we don’t have much of a life!

I remember being told when we were under extreme stress with our family crises that if we didn’t take care of ourselves then we would get sick. Very blunt words, but it made us realise that we needed to think about our emotional health and how it was affecting us. It was a good incentive to keep moving forward and working through the grief process.

If we push ourselves too hard and the stress we are under is prolonged, then it doesn’t bode well for optimum health. Our body starts to break down. Our metabolism can change and those knots in the neck tighten. I know about those knots. (A massage helps here!) We can’t just look at fixing our physical problems, it is looking at what else is going on in our lives, and then taking the steps to get the best advice and help to set ourselves on a new path to living a healthier lifestyle.

I have made a conscious decision to slow down enough to enjoy our garden and be aware of what is going on around me using all my senses. Not to rush around is bliss. To find peace in the quiet. I opened our bedroom window this morning, to a still sunny day and the sound of buzzing bees having a great time in the daphne which is now in full flower. It is very good for my soul.

Choose to live well.