Our Biggest Challenge

Our thoughts and those words that run around our heads all day and half the night are our biggest challenge in life. So, how do we make sure that those negative ants in our heads stop when we want them too?

What I have learned through experience is to replace those words with positive affirmations. If we say them out loud every day eventually a new positive thought pattern emerges. When any negative thoughts rear their ugly heads, say words like;

“I am unique. I am one of a kind, I am smart,” (use your own I am words, or a favourite quote) This changes our neuro pathways to our brains. We begin to think and say things differently.

I work at passing on to our grandchildren this habit of writing affirmations down and sticking them on a mirror or having them beside their bed to read out loud and often every day. Lucy, aged eleven, thought it sounded like a very good idea, but asked after a couple of weeks, “How long do I say these affirmations? When do I change them?” I quickly replied, “No, keep saying them until they are seared on your soul! Then add new ones!”

In the past I used to naturally think the worst about situations and I also didn’t realise that when I mixed with negative minded people the talk became very destructive. So I definitely had to change my mindset, my attitude and the way I looked at myself. Now I can say (mostly) that I look for the good and turn a negative situation into an opportunity for growth. I don’t stay with those negative words and pictures in my head for long.

We all need someone in our lives cheering us on saying, “you can do it!” We all need to find that one person. (More is best of course) Then we need to cheer ourselves on with those positive affirmations. Lastly, I highly recommend that we cheer someone else on every day. Those words can be life-changing.

It is so important to teach the next generation these positive habits when life today seems to have so much stress, anxiety and depression.

Two websites I can highly recommend;


There is a new growth mindset journal for tweens and teens coming in September.



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