Bully free week

This pink shirt Friday, the Feilding community is having a street party.

For bully free week, We stand together as a community to say NO to any form of bullying.

It is easy to be cruel, to say mean words that hurt, or to use fists on those who are smaller, weaker or very different to us. 

Often when someone is hurting they react by hurting others, and it doesn’t have to be like that. We all get hurt, but it is how we react that is important.

Bullies  at school pick on differences in other kids. like being too short, or too tall, or having red hair, or freckles, being overweight, or  being too skinny. I know of a boy who from a young age was  teased just for having stick out ears and wearing glasses . And a girl who is criticised and left out of a group because she is good at dancing. We can stand around and watch and maybe laugh, or we can say STOP ! 

Today we are saying its O.K. to stand up everyday when people are hurting and alone.

We are all originals, there is no one like us,  we are perfect just the way we are. Let us accept our differences . It doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from or the colour of our skin. lets  look out for each other .   We must choose to be kind , we don’t know what those mean words will do to someone and how it will affect them. Instead we can use the power of encouragement.

We live in a caring community, and so  we need to keep our eyes open , and get involved when we see things happening that are wrong.

Together we can reach out and make a difference.

picture from Snooty Stanley Plays a prank, by Joanne Guy