From the Kids Cont’d

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Comments from the kids at Levin east School

“There was a slight fascination with Mrs Clever Claws and the mouse. The teacher ate the mouse. Granny Jo read the book to us. I love Granny Jo.”  – By Sarah.

“Granny Jo came to visit us in the boardroom. She read us a Story called Snooty Stanley. Lastly Mrs Rowan took a photo. It was fun and amazing. Granny jo wrote the story and answered questions.” –  By Te Kuaba.

“Granny Jo came to visit us. She wrote a bookend a man helped Granny Jo draw the pictures. She told us about the book. The book was so fun and Fabulous. She smelled good. – By Tarita.

“The mouse was trapped in the class. Mrs Clever Claws is going to eat the grey mouse when it is tea time. I hope Mrs Clever Claws likes her tea! I love Granny jo. She read a lovely story. I hope she hates eating smelly mice!” –  By Raakabane.

“The mouse was trapped on the table and got wrapped around with a little rope. The teacher is going to find another mouse! mrs Clever Claws is a cat. She eats cathode and mice. The principal is going to give the teacher a mouse. he’s rich in mice!” – By Alasi.

“The mouse is on the table. Mrs Clever Claws is going to eat the mouse.” – By Joe.

“The mouse is on the teacher’s table.” –  By Silvia.